If you run out of ideas of what to write

Simply visit Wikipedia and add some general information about your travel destination. Or add some travel quotes. It doesn’t have to be all in your own words. General information about a place is still relevant and interesting and the more text you can put into your magazine, the better it will look.

Try and fill each text box with text!

The finished magazine looks best if all text boxes are completely full, and the text is small. If you run out of ideas for text just see the tip above!

For best results!

Don’t put a photo with a person’s face across the middle of a spread. Their face will be printed across the fold of the magazine which is usually not that flattering!

Make sure that you change the large capital letters at the beginning of the sentence (if applicable to your template).

The Cover Date.

Update the cover page with the month relating to your magazine.

The word Double Click

Anything left blank that has the words “Double-Click to Change” will NOT be printed.
Q: I have deleted some text in a text box. Now it is showing up as “Double-Click to Change” and I can’t get rid of this. Will these words be printed?
A: If you have deleted all of the text in a text box and the placeholder text “Double-Click to Change” shows up on your working magazine, this WILL NOT be printed. However any other text will be printed (this includes the Latin placeholder text, any default headings etc.). Please remember to change all text on every page to make sure your magazine is just the way you want it.

The rest of the text.

Any other text will be printed, so remember to change it to what you want. This includes headings, and the text boxes at the top of the page.

Removing Text Boxes

We advise against adding and removing text boxes and images. Each magazine template has been designed by a professional magazine editor and is made to look like a “real magazine”. For best results use the template as it is and you should be very happy with the final printed result!

White box on the Back Page

Q: Why is there a white box on the last page of my magazine? Can I remove it?
A: This box will be populated with your name and address details once your order is rendered for printing. This ensures that your magazine is sent to you and not anyone else. At this stage, there is no alternative to addressing the magazine so the box cannot be removed. If you have any major problems with this please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Paste text from other programs

You can copy and paste text by using the keyboard functions CTRL-X and CTRL-V and also copy and paste from other programs

Scrolling up and down

You can scroll up and down the page once you have zoomed in simply by holding down the spacebar and then dragging the screen up or down with your mouse

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