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Will my printed product look exactly as it does on my monitor?

The colours in your magazine or poster print may differ from the colours you see on your computer screen, particularly if your monitor is not calibrated. Brightness and contrast may also differ depending on the settings of your monitor, the age and amount it has shifted and also the lighting environment in which you viewed this.  It is common for the colour and contrast settings of a computer monitor to change over time therefore we cannot guarantee that the colour and contrast you see in your magazine or poster file onscreen will be exactly the same as your printed version.

This is a common problem for professional photographers and designers. To ensure more accuracy you can calibrate your monitor regularly, and install colour profiles on to your computer that will allow you to accurately soft-proof your file. Colour management is a complex topic, if you’d like to find out more please contact our customer service team

Can I change the fonts in the magazines?

All styles are set and at this stage these cannot be edited.  This allows the finished product to have a professional look and consistent style. The ability to change fonts is something that we may allow for in the future.

How long will it take to get my order delivered after I have bought it?

We aim to get all magazines printed and delivered to your door within 14 days. You will often receive your order a lot sooner than that.

How can I add multiple Projects to the same order?

Simply go to “Saved Items” and tick all the items that you would like added to your cart. At the bottom of the page there is a button called “Add to Cart”. Simply click it and all your projects will be added to your shopping cart, ready to be delivered together.

Do you edit or proof our files?

No. We do not check the uploaded or printed files for typographical errors, design faults, alignment issues or any other design error.  We only check for internal generated print or manufacturing issues. All the proofing of the file is done by you prior to submitting your file for print by carefully checking through every page before you add it to the cart. As computer monitors vary from screen to screen we are unable to guarantee that the colours and densities you see on screen will be exactly the same in print. We can guarantee however that your pages are printed true to the colour in the file and that our award winning printer is regularly calibrated and monitored to ensure the highest quality digital prints.  We do recommend using a Colour Calibrated monitor to achieve the best results. Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you would like any further information on this.

I live overseas. Do you ship to international addresses?

Yes! We offer shipping worldwide for a very low flat rate of $5.00 per magazine.

I can’t Sign In to the MyTravelMagz website?

Check that you haven’t made a typing error and if you still can’t sign in click the Forgotten Password button to recover your password. Your password will be emailed to the address you used when you registered to become a member of MyTravelMagz.

If you are still having problems signing in and have never previously ordered anything, you may only be registered for our newsletters and not yet have a profile with us. You can contact our customer service team on info@mytravelmagz.com to confirm this or simply try the ‘Register Account’ option. The website will not allow you to set up a registration with the same email address twice.

Note : passwords are case sensitive.

What sizes are the magazines?

The finished size of the magazine is A4 (210mm x 297mm)

My parcel was damaged in the post, what can I do?

Please call our friendly customer service team and talk to them about what’s happened. Customer service will advise you on the next best step.

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