Create a Travel Magazine with our NEW Basic template magazine. Great holidays make up some of our most favourite memories in life.

Capture all of them in a Magazine with our new Basic layout,
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Create your Personal Holiday Magazine

Forget about complicated file setups and specifications. has ready-to-use downloadable magazine starter templates so you can dive right in, whether you’re an experienced designer or not.  so you can dive right in, whether you’re an experienced designer or not. Place your own photos and story too create your own Magazine. Remember the memories forever.

Check out our new video tutorial – so easy to make your very own magazine photo book!

Check Out Our NEW Retro Travel Photo Book

Looking for something a little different from the standard magazine template? We have a new very cool retro travel magazine. This design incorporates some funky maps, headings and layouts that is sure to make your travel magazine stand out from the crowd.

Nine top tips for travelling with kids

While travelling with kids might make more work for mum and dad - organising the porta-cot, packing kids’ food, affording family-sized accommodation and sourcing a place that both adults and children will enjoy – it’s also a time of vital family bonding. “It’s a wonderful thing – it’s a chance for some quality bonding between parents and children and between siblings,” says Justin Coulson, NSW-based psychologist, father of four and founder of Happy Families. Here are his tips for a memorable family holiday: Let the...

7 Foods you should never eat before flying

Because altitude and the on-board atmosphere can affect your body in all sorts of ways, there are some foods you should not eat before flying. You can play a big part in how you feel after a flight, and even in-flight if you’re going long-haul, by what you choose to consume on-board. Your snacks, drinks and meals should be as much part of your travel plans as anything else, and these are some of the foods you should not eat before flying. 1. Fast Food...

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How to get inspiration

We know why you travel. We drove an old truck across Africa 25 years ago for the same reason - we wanted to come face-to-face with the real world. To encounter real life. Go on real adventures. And create real memories to make up the stories of our lives. Our small group style of travel means you’ll stay under the radar, travelling the local way, eating the local way and sleeping the local way. So you’ll get as close to real life as possible (without actually moving...

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